Easy To Deploy & Update

Our displays are easily deployable across your retail estate and can be activated without specialist knowledge.


We deliver your new displays to site.

Looking slick in your chosen material configuration and pre‑loaded with your video content.

Plug socket

Plug in and switch on - that's it!

Just a standard 13A power socket is required. Our retail experts can assist you with installation.


New product? No Problem!

We can push new video content to your displays at any time to reflect new products or promotions.

We offer a ‘turn-key’ product which can be operational within minutes of delivery. This makes them perfect for new product launches and wide-scale rollouts throughout your estate.

The sole infrastructure requirement is a power socket, allowing flexibility in placement.

Digital content is pushed from the cloud and can be scheduled to match in-store promotions and events.

The displays are designed to be re-used for NPD, updating content as necessary and replacing the spotlighted product. This reduces waste, reduces costs and reduces CO2 emissions.